Here are links to some websites which may be of help:

Reach out for Help-Access Services and Get Information

Aware:  Assisting those affected by depression

Phone 1890 303 302  Website: aware

Samaritans: Providing emotional  support

Phone 1850 60 90 90 Website:samaritans

Grow: Helping those suffering mental

Infoline 1890 474 474 Website:grow

Childline: Someone to talk to for under 18s

Phone 1800 66 66 66 Website: childline

Increasing understanding and awareness of mental health:

Website: yourmentalhealth

Spunout: Promoting wellbeing among young people

Website: spunout

Pieta House: Assisting those suffering fom self harm or suicidal thoughts

Phone:(Dublin) 01 6010 000 Website: pieta

Rape Crises Network of Ireland: Providing advice, counselling and support for survivors of sexual abuse.

Phone:091 563 676 Website: Rape Crises Network Ireland

One in Four: Providing support for men and women who have experienced sexual violence.

Phone:01 6624 070 Website: One in Four

Bodywhys: Providing information and support for those affected by eating disorders.


Citizens Information:Providing information on public services and entitlements

Website: Citizens Information

I will continually update this page with links I come across to websites that I feel are relevant, informative or which offer services which I believe may be of help to you or a loved one.