I think Counselling might be something Id like to try, but I’m not sure. What can I expect to happen when I contact you?

If you contact me by phone and don’t reach me directly, please leave a message or send a text and I will get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays (If you contact me late on a Friday or weekend,  Ill get back on Monday).

When we have arranged an appointment, I will give you directions to my counselling room at No 2 Brighton Place, Clonmel where we will meet in a private and confidential setting. You can expect to be met with a warm welcome, attentive listening and non-judgemental caring .

In our initial session, we will establish the issues that have prompted you to take the important step of coming to counselling. I will share with you how I work, addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Together we will establish what you feel you would like to get from counselling and agree on an initial number of sessions within which you would like to work.

The Counselling Journey
Your Journey is Unique To You

What if I feel you are not the right person for  me?

That is perfectly OK, you are under no obligation to make a commitment to work with me. The counselling relationship is important, and its important that you find the right fit for you. This might mean a person who you feel might understand you or who you feel you can grow to trust.



Will you give me advice?

No. I believe you are the expert on yourself and your own greatest resource. Together we will explore your needs and wants, thoughts and feelings with the aim of empowering you to come to the decisions or resolutions that are right for you on your unique journey.

How many sessions will I need?

Every person and issue is different, and individuals needs vary greatly. Counselling can be short term and focus on resolving or reaching clarity on a particular issue. Counselling can also be a longer term source of support and space for exploration of issues. We will agree to an initial short term number of sessions which you are happy with, after which we will review your needs and aims again. Informal reviews of the work will take place frequently as your needs and aims may change. You are always in control of how you want to work.

At the end of the counselling relationship, we will have closing session in which we tie up lose ends and say goodbye to each other. My door is of course always open for return.

How much does it cost?

My fee is 50 euros per session. Lower cost places are available and your circumstances will be taken into account.

I have a cancellation fee which is equal to the session fee. A cancellation fee will be charged for appointments cancelled in less than 48 hours. If I can arrange an alternative appointment for you in the same week as the cancellation, the fee will not apply.

How long does a session last?

Sessions last 60 minutes and usually occur on a weekly basis.

Do you work with teenagers (under 18) or couples?

I provide one-to-one individual counselling to adults only (18+).